If you are creating a project that needs to grow over time, or if you are looking for the best E-commerce platform, Joomla! is without a doubt the best option.

That may sound a bit prejudice, but after working with many of the Content Management Systems (CMS) available over the last 20 years, 1 stands out as stable, fully functional, capable of huge projects, and free from “issues” – Joomla! It’s the only CMS that I can set up for a client (a novice) and rarely (2 or 3 times per year) hear from the client. And normally it’s not a problem with Joomla! but a new function the client wants.

You may ask yourself why “this” site is WordPress if Joomla! is so great. The answer is, because WordPress is “just right” for this type of a Web site and Joomla would be “overkill”. I have many samples of my Joomla! projects on the Net if you would like to review. It seemed best to provide this site in WordPress for you to see how to keep a design simplistic and functional for all devices.

For those considering an E-commerce site, there is nothing better than combining Joomla! with Virtuemart. There are very few extensions necessary in addition to Joomla! with Virtuemart. The fewer extensions installed in a project, the better chance there is of the site simply performing at peak without constant maintenance.

Use the “Get In Touch” contact form and send your project requirements. You can expect a reply in less than 24 hours.