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Web Design is what T.A. Garrison, LLC has provided for Bellingham and around the world since 2000. Web design is the grammatically correct term and website design is simply a very common term, in case you thought there is a difference. Whether you are contemplating an update to your website, a complete "overhaul", or you are preparing to create your first website, I'm here to provide what you need expeditiously and professionally. You choose the platform and I'll do the heavy lifting.

Web design has been my way of life since 1996. I'm open to address everything about your project - including what is best for you and your site. But Website design is not my only expertise. If you are considering a platform other than Joomla! or WordPress, I can provide some great insight. I've developed in many of the CMS's (Content Management System) available, but in the past 10 years I stick with just Joomla! and WordPress. I also don't mince words. I communicate with you in a way that "you" will understand - even if you have absolutely no knowledge of website design or development - and encourage questions.

Inside you will find a few previous projects, pricing, outlines of services and a method allowing you to get an idea of what "your" project will cost. You should be well-informed before you begin paying for any services to create, troubleshoot or redevelop your Web site.

I want you to know that when it comes to your personal or business website, your needs "will" be met in a very timely fashion without complications. If you need a lot of information about the how, why, etc., that's great. If you only like a little information because you need to concentrate on your business, that's also fine by me.

 Perhaps you would like to get an idea of the cost for your propject. In that case, please complete the "Bid My Project" form. I will review and provide an estimate usually within 24 hours.

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