WordPress Professional

If you have a very simple project, few pages and only text, then you will be happy with WordPress for its simplicity.

Novices as well as seasoned professionals use WordPress for much of their work. It's simple, but can get quite complex quickly. Adding many of the mandatory "plugins" to perform processes or functions that are not part of WordPress alone can be something only an expert will know if it will work well.

When you are selling something through your Web site you need to have a system that can handle a quality shopping cart. WordPress has a few shopping carts you can add. But there is only one that is worth spending the time to understand and make it work properly.

My WordPress development began in 2005. At that point it was overly simplistic, but that was by design.

By 2009 it was still "sort of" simple, but users mandated more from the software. So that was about the time I started becoming more than just familiar with WordPress and began doing some customization. By 2010 I'd created so many WordPress sites I could easily call myself an expert with WordPress. Yet, I was still hand-coding shopping carts for WordPress because that was before any quality shopping cart was available.

Today, WordPress uses WooCommerce as the "go-to" shopping cart. As much as I have worked with WooCommerce I can honestly say that it is not for the faint of heart - or those who have no patience. Don't get me wrong. WordPress has a huge following. It's very popular and relatively simple to set up and use - even for the novice. If you have only a few products and want to keep things simple, then WooCommerce may be the solution for you.

Take a few minutes to consider what you need in your Web site and review the costs. You'll find a few previous projects on both sides of this article.