Web Design

The Internet today is quite complex. Even though how we use the Net is relatively simple for most of us, if you have or are considering a new Web site, there are many things to consider.

Pages, images and content make up your site. But everything necessary to make it work is a long list that you don’t visually see. And if you don’t have what you need you’ll have no traffic to your site.

As an example:

  1. The size of your site is only a small consideration. But the foundation for your site is critical. You could create your own within one of the many companies that provides the ability to create and edit a Web site – using their “proprietary” software where you are required to pay, then log in to the company site in order to learn how to use or access anything.
  2. Or, you could create your site using WordPress or Joomla! (among other popular Content Management Systems) and “figure out” how to make things work.

The difference between “proprietary” software and “GNU Licensed” software?

“Proprietary” requires paying for the use of the software. If you decide you no longer wish to pay, you lose your site – period. You can’t simply take your site and go somewhere else, nor “move” the site into another platform because the coding is “proprietary” – all you can save is your text and images.

GNU licensed software is “free”. That means you can use it, move it, do whatever you wish to or with the software and pay nothing – ever. You may need to purchase an inexpensive extension for something you require in your site. But the foundation is free.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that is also critical to your Web. You “cannot” optimize your site if you are using one of the companies that uses the proprietary software. You are within the confines of their system. They tell you it’s possible, but to effectively optimize a Web site it must be hosted on its own – not within another site or company.

Whether you are looking for someone to create your site for you, teach you how to use WordPress or Joomla!, or simply want some pointers to better use the software, I’m here for you. Contact me today using the form “Get In Touch”.

If you would like to estimate your project, please use the following calculator:

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All projects require a 50% down payment and a signed Agreement (specifying all terms) in order to initiate the development – no exceptions.

All projects will be developed on the T.A. Garrison, LLC server where the client will have access for review. Upon completion – after final payment – the completed development will be provided to the client, moved into the client’s server and replace the existing site (unless otherwise agreed upon).

Any deviations from the terms in a signed Agreement will be provided at my standard hourly rate of $55.