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...and how to apply the simple, minimal code required at a fraction of the cost to hire a company. Current pricing to hire an SEO Pro -> Seo Costs

T.A. Garrison, LLC has the only Web site that makes all of this available in "easy to understand" language with step-by-step instructions. This is a very focused course without any redirection to something that is not teaching you how to physically apply what's necessary.

Here is some of what you get from the "SEO Classroom" course:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Access 24 / 7
  • No limit to the number of times you log in
  • Ask questions as you learn
  • A keyword phrase example to follow through all the steps
  • How to write your content and learn what matters
  • How to use the SEO analysis Web site used by professionals
  • How to compare your site to one already on page 1 search results

Others provide page after page of information on SEO explaining why the search engines want something, but no instructions of "how" to apply anything to your site. If you review the free information, books for which you need to pay, or other programs charging much more than the "SEO Classroom", you are told all about the history and what search engines need...but not how to physically apply anything.

Learn SEO in the "SEO Classroom" and avoid all that so you can actually get right into the physical process. You will literally learn how to apply everything you need for optimizing your pages as soon as you complete the full course of just 5 classes.

Pricing for SEO is so expensive that very few small to medium size businesses can afford to hire someone to apply the steps - until now. Take a look at the current pricing...

Seo Costs 2021

Learn and apply everything to your site yourself. When it comes to adding the code, you don't need to know anything other than how to look at pictures and follow instructions. If you need help, just go to the Contact page.

(Once your purchase has been confirmed you will be assigned to the SEO Classroom in order to access all the information anytime you wish.)

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