Joomla! Expert

I am proficient in both Joomla and WordPress. But my expertise extends beyond those.

  • Hand-coding
  • Troubleshoot
  • Update
  • Design
  • Completely redesign your site
  • SEO Expert
  • An "answer-man" for most things Internet related.

Joomla! was originally called "Mambo" until 2005 which is when I initially began working with that CMS. The original developers broke away and created "OpenSourceMatters", then named their Content Management System (CMS) "Joomla!".

Just prior to the breakaway from Mambo, I began using what is now Joomla! The projects I created worked perfectly. It's a much better platform than anything else, but that also depends on your needs and expertise.

Before Joomla! I was creating hand-coded Web sites using...Notepad. Originally, before 2000, I dabbled in building Web sites using HoTMetaL - that was prior to any others, even before Dreamweaver. I've worked with many CMS and will choose Joomla! over WordPress or any other CMS every time.

To this day I'm one of very few developers who can and still uses a lot of hand-coding. Staying up to date with CSS methods and HTML allows me to quickly make something work as necessary without trying to edit "core" files. When core files are changed, it's necessary to do it in such a way that the changes are not eliminated when the CMS software is updated.

If you have E-Commerce needs, Joomla! should be your only choice. If you have just 3 to 5 pages of text only, and you don't have some elaborate mandates, then Joomla! will be "overkill" for your project, but still a very good option.

Where are the costs in creating or redeveloping a site? The template. You can buy one, but with the template developers creating overly bloated templates that require studying them for at least a week to understand how they can be edited, it's not practical. If you buy one, make sure it's simple to edit and works with whatever CMS you are using. Also make sure that the developer updates the template at least once a year. If not, then the chances of your template lasting you more than a year before it falls apart on many devices is slim.

I prefer Themler. It can be used "within" your Web site to create precisely what you want - and need. You have 100% control over the template without having to know any coding. But, if you don't know any coding then it can be a challenge.

Creating a template that works well on all devices can take a week of time. Buying a template that is overly complicated (as most today are) is cheap to purchase and install, but "very" costly if you want to change "anything" about the template due to the time to figure out how.

Some examples of previous projects are found on both sides of this article. Each Project is 100% custom designed to the clients' requirements.

Take a few minutes to send your project information in order to obtain a bid for your project.