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Your FREE Web Development is waiting for you TODAY!

I will provide the following for FREE!:

  • Assist you in obtaining a domain name
  • Assist you in hosting your domain - A2Hosting
  • Default(*) installation of "either" Joomla! or WordPress

Your free Web development will allow you to create a great base for your site to build as you desire, or, have me work with you on your project at my standard hourly rate.

Getting started is one of the most difficult parts in creating a Web site. So if you have the domain name ready to use, hosting package prepared for whatever you create, and your favorite software for developing your Web site, you are well on your way to having a successful Web site for your product or service.

If you wish to have several pages of content, images, a shopping cart or any additional work applied to your project, I am ready to work for you in whatever capacity.

Contact me today, or, use the "Development Costs" page to outline your needs in order to get an idea of what your completed project will cost.

There are NO hidden costs. You are not obligated to anything. Once the default installation is complete you will receive the user name and password to access the CMS whenever you wish. You may even change them to assure you have a completely independent and secure project, and I will show you how.

(* - Default installation provides everything you need to create a Web site within the Content Management System (CMS). No images, pages, or additions to the "default" CMS software are included. - )

Get in touch with me TODAY!
I will defer the costs of developing an complete Web site for 6 months**.

(** A deferred payment applies only to "complete" projects. )


Are you considering either creating a website or updating your current site due to COVID-19? I'll consult with you about how best to create a "store-front" website that "you" control (as opposed to the confines of one of those "cookie-cutter" software sites).

Have you been trying to find answers about creating a Web site for your business?

Perhaps you are looking for someone to help you fix your current site. Or you want to know how to build your own site. And you may be brave enough to ask about "how" to apply SEO, which would be a long conversation and one where I would not be able to teach you. But I can provide some basic information.

Whatever your questions or concerns are relating to your current website as well as creating one, Contact Me and we'll discuss your options, any impact on your site, or how to market your site.

You decide the topic (as long as it's related to Web development of your current site or one you wish to create), then write me with your initial concerns. I'll respond (in usually less than 24 hours) with professional information in a manner that is simple to understand.

Don't forget! You can get a good idea of the cost to develop your site by using this form - Development Costs.

Don't wait! Contact me TODAY and get your business reopened!