Bellingham Web design is where I started my business in 2000. But I began developing Web sites in 1996. To that point I’d been working with computers since 1986, assembling computers and troubleshooting computer issues for people. It seemed “second-nature” to use my skills on developing Web sites.

I moved to Bellingham in 1998 for the second time. We won’t discuss the 70’s when I lived here…after all – it was the 70’s.

In 1996 Dreamweaver didn’t exist. I used software called “HoTMeaL” which allowed you to work by coding manually, or have the software code for you. I became quite adept at “hand-coding” using only Notepad and creating every site as a custom project. To this day, learning hand-coding allows me to look at source code and see where there are problems – something of which very few developers are capable.

In 2000 I started L.T. Creations, LLC (which I changed in 2014 to T.A. Garrison, LLC). Having designed, developed, optimized, helped clients troubleshoot issues on sites I did not create with literally hundreds of Web sites, I’m one of the few who began before most and is still developing Web sites today.

I started working with Joomla! the first year it was made available to the public – 2004. Today, 2017, there are few who are as experienced with Joomla! and I’m sought after both locally and internationally for my expertise with Joomla!. Although I began working with WordPress around that same time, very few people wanted a WordPress site because there was no sort of shopping cart available for WordPress at that time. Most clients had at least a few products for sale. I actually created shopping carts for WordPress with PayPal as the payment gateway which was the only method of using WordPress with a shopping cart at that time.

What that means to you is “experience”. When I initially started my business I offered hosting and domain registration along with all of my other services. Today, the competition is too fierce to provide reseller hosting and domain registration services. But with all that devotion to the areas that directly effect a Web site, you reap the benefits of all that training regardless of the size project you have.

Whatever service(s) you need, I’ll consult with you so that you understand what recommendations you need and why. I always separate Web development from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because SEO is so complex, time consuming, and costly. To that end, I don’t combine estimates for SEO and Web site development.

I’m happy to discuss your needs, concerns, or whatever information related to Web developing you desire. “Get In Touch” using the contact form.